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David is a current member of the darkwave pioneer band LYCIA. He has released three solo albums: "The Cataclysm" in 2006, "The Happiest Days Of My Life" in 2009 and "The Ghosts Of California" in 2012.
In 2013 he reunited with Lycia, and together they recorded their tenth album: "A Line That Connects", which will be released on August 25th, 2015. 



August 16
All three solo albums will be available to purchase as a digital download directly from the bandcamp site. All three albums are priced at $7 (usd). They will also be available on iTunes and Amazon in the near future.
All proceeds from purchases on the bandcamp site go directly to finance Galas' future work and studio. It is suggested to NOT purchase the original release of 'The Cataclysm' from iTunes (or anywhere else except his bandcamp site) at this time. The Catalcysm is available on his bandcamp site with the addition of bonus tracks. He has a limited amount of signed physical CD's that can be ordered directly through bandcamp. Or you can purchase new sealed CD's through Twilight Records.




July 1.2015
Lycia - A Line That Connects
Release date: August 25, 2015
Label: Handmade Birds

May 1.2015
Shared 7" Vinyl Available Now

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February 1.2015
Lycia (Mike Vanportfleet, Tara Vanportfleet and David Galas) completed their new album "A Line That Connects". It features 14 tracks and will be released in August 2015 on the Handmade Birds Label. More info will be available later this summer.

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Isolation Grind - review of Lycia - A Line That Connects - "This sounds and feels like vintage Lycia through and through; one of the rare cases where reassembling a band's "classic lineup" has produced new material on par with their previous works."